My Actual Social Life right now

It’s pretty much like those social media people that have so many friends but actually posts stuff about no one to go with and being a loner. Except mine is true and that half my friends are either working or having the times of their lives and the other half are still schooling or finding their purposes. Heck, even half of my working friends have their own families to take care of nowadays.

My social life right now consists of myself and online friends, whose faces I haven’t actually seen. Sometimes I go out and meet my real friends and do stuff with them but that happens at 4 times a month at most. If you can count my online social life as “social life” then it should be thriving. The problem is no one is reacting to the stuff I do.

If you see or read this, you can find me in my social media:

  • Facebook: Robby Solis
  • Twitter: @emperorshazik (actually empty right now but safe for work)
  • Twitter: @OverLoli (not safe for work, filled with retweets to hentai artists)
  • Steam: supercholokoy (I won’t accept friends for trades, I only play Dota2, MHW, CSGO and PUBG)
  • Garena: poketch (Plat 4 hardstuck Top Aatrox/Darius main)
  • Crossfire PH: OverLoli (I only play Ghost Mode, but I’m ok with other modes)

My social life would’ve been better if I was more assertive. Unfortunately, I’m not like that; I am assertive when it comes to games or anime. but not to drinking or parties. Those just aren’t my thing; how we were brought up in this country is why we (as a country) love drinking and parties, and how people not in the norm are called anti-social.

To end my rant about my social life, yes this was a rant, I would like to say that just because I’m here playing online games doesn’t mean I’m anti-social. I just have a different social life from the norm.


A MH: World PC Tutorial review

It forces you to go through the back of the main story’s Elder Dragon, by teaching you the basic movement controls. Immediately after the Elder Dragon fiasco you get right into a map exploration of the first area where you will do most early quests, the Ancient Forest. There you will have to run through the map to reach area 4. where the gate to the Commission camp is located. Going through area 2, where Jagras are located, will show an event where you have to hide in bushes instead of fighting due to not having a weapon.
Once you reach the camp, you will be guided around starting from the stockpile, then towards the smithy, and lastly the canteen. Along with some more story dialogue, you will be sent to your room to choose a weapon, all weapons are available but only on the “Iron tree” side, while “Bone tree” weapons must be crafted at the smithy. After taking your weapon, you will have to meet the “Handler”, the girl with you when you were going through the Elder Dragon fiasco, at the canteen. Once there you will be sent to your first quest to hunt 7 Jagras. During the battle tutorial, all gathering spots are highlighted. You are suggested to go to the same site where you had to hide from the Jagras, from there you have to slay 2-3 of them. Once done, the Jagras will run to cave-like area, where a herd is located. You will fight these Jagras yourself, even if the Field Team Leader is with you. He will help you despite not fighting them, with a flash bomb. Once the Jagras are stunned they are now easy game. Take your loot and advance the story.
This is the end of the basic movement and battle tutorial, if you want to test out other weapons or add in DLCs, talk to the Housekeeper Palico in “My Room”, located beside the council area. Also unlocked after finishing the “Hunt 7 Jagras” quest is the chance to get in the Gathering Hub, where you can do multiplayer quests, or do story quests with friends. Here you can also do Arena Quests, a place where you fight monsters in, heh, an arena. These quests don’t give you much “mats”, or materials, but they do make it easy for you to get lots of “zeni”, or cash. You also unlock the Daily Rewards system, which gives loot and items every time you log in for the day. Along with that you have the choice of turning on the voice chat function.
Overall, the tutorial would be about a good 9.5/10. Losing half a point because some parts of the tutorial are interaction-based. There are tutorial tips every time you interact with something new like eating in the canteen or crafting weapons. More may be added when going along the story or when new patches are introduced.

“It’s more fun in the Philippines”, a League rant

Playing in the Philippine servers of League of Legends is probably the worst experience you will get.

league satire 1.png

Shown above is one of my most recent games. The names aren’t censored but I won’t specify their roles and attitude. To generalize, everyone in this game is salty and toxic. Excluding me, who was only salty and maybe around 2-3 others.

To start off this rant , I would like to define a few terms that are prevalent in the PH League community.

  • “pabida” which directly translates to hero/protagonist. Usually used to connote players who steal roles other than Support/Jungler
  • “gago”, “bobo”, “tanga”, 3 variations of stupid in my national tongue
  • “potang/ina/mo” your mother is a wh**e; Mexicans may understand that well

There are other terms but those are the ones that I see the most. When picking champs in the start of a normal match there are no predetermined roles, therefore anyone can pick any champ; but once a certain champ for a certain role is picked, it wouldn’t be good to take that role for yourself. For example, a player picks Renekton top lane and everyone else got the jungle, mid and bottom role; then a player picks Yasuo and demands he get the top lane role. That is what people call “pabida”. This Yasuo player then proceeds to go top lane and either feed or talk trash to the team’s jungler for not helping him in his lane.

Another problem with the community would be the children, and yes this is a child’s game but children above 13. The children I am talking about are those that complain a lot and say the 2 terms above a lot. Actually they do the 3 aforementioned terms every time, making them somewhat of a kiddie meal.

Nonetheless, there are friendly players in the game, mostly found in ARAM. Usually they have such anime sounding names, though. I could have written this with less salt and unbiased flame but I’m the very definition of a salty PH player.


Filipino Time and Universities

Filipino Time, is a sloppy excuse Filipinos use when they are late for an event, excursion or anything that is planned beforehand. Filipino Time, which will be called FT in this article, is also applied to work. This is not a good thing; even if this value is part of the Filipino culture, it does not deserve to be added to things Filipinos are taking pride in. The reason why this article is written is to show the problems in the values of the culture the Filipinos possess.

On to the rant:

FT is applied in full force in university. They give out a schedule for an event that starts at 8 AM and ends at 5 PM GMT, and next thing you know it, everyone arrives late; which causes the whole event to be delayed by an hour or two. It causes pain and money for the students who arrive early. FT in University tends to be abused frequently by students and teachers/professors alike. There is always a moment in University wherein you say the phrase “Filipino time bro/sir/miss/etc. hehe XD”; though the “hehe XD” part is something added by the young people and not necessarily added.

The main reason as to why this is a bad thing in University is that:

  1. When the teacher/professor is late he/she doesn’t get penalized;
  2. When the student is late he/she is forced to leave class or get penalized;
  3. The teachers/professors admonish the student for being late, along with a “Once you get to society, your bosses won’t accept that attitude” sermon;
  4. FT itself is a bad value that must be changed before we start insulting foreigners of their values.

To conclude the rant, I would like to thank my University, unnamed until I eventually graduate, for letting the early arriving students down. Waking up early is a hard task especially for students, you know. Teachers/Professors should also follow our example and go in early. That’s all for another long eternity, again.

Crossfire, the F2P FPS game

Crossfire, as stated is a Free to Play, First Person Shooter game. This game was one of the Multiplayer Online games I frequently played as a child. My friends and I, after class would go out and play this game until it was time for us to sleep. The game had the classic guns of Counter Strike but gave it more balance and design graphics, but all in all still gave the flavorful nostalgia. Around 2010, a year after I started playing the game, a cheat program was released for the game. Of course it was illegal, unfortunately, we were kids who wanted to be dominant over the game. So we downloaded the cheat program and played the game. It was fun while it lasted, after 3 months of the release of the cheat program, there were accounts being banned for the heavy usage of it. On that day we quit playing Crossfire.

On 2016, I came back to play Crossfire, which is now called Crossfire 2.0, maybe due to them using a better engine than the old Crossfire. Like before, when I was a kid, it was a fun game. This time around they had guns that gave special effects and buffs included in them called VIP items (VVIP in other countries), which could only be bought using real money. There were character skins, which were the cheapest of any VIP item, Knife skins, with different abilities but overall the same buffs, and finally VIP guns, which have special abilities that allow you to use a melee attack with your gun, allow your gun to get an extra bullet for every headshot you get, or having extra magazines or clips for all the guns in your inventory.

Around summer of 2017, I stopped playing Crossfire, to finish up my college studies. I still played the game but not as frequently as when I was a kid. I only played the game to play Ghost Mode with some online buddies that also frequent Ghost Mode. To explain, Ghost Mode, or GM (not to be confused with GM, Game Masters/Managers), is a special mode that makes the Terrorists or Black List, in the case of Crossfire, into ghost-like beings, experimental mercenaries carrying stealth gear. In Ghost Mode, the objective is the same for Search & Destroy, Destruction Mode or the plain bomb the place to win/defuse to win games. The catch here is that the Counter Terrorists or Global Risk can only see the Black List ghosts only when they are moving. This is a misunderstanding, the Global Risk can also hear the ghost’s footsteps or breathing, which can be lowered using cash items in the shop; it doesn’t completely disappear, though.

In a bout of nostalgia, or in my case my friends playing the game again, I came back to play Crossfire on this day. I faced a dead game with half my online buddies gone and a den of cheaters. The game itself still is enjoyable because of the good game maps but the cheaters offset the enjoyment. I truly love this game because even with cheaters I still play the game. I just hope for the Admins to deal with this problem more effectively.

First blog post and reason of existence

I started this blog because Facebook is a contrarian type of community, where controversial posts are flamed and posts that agree with their views are given a big thumbs up.

Also reddit has lots of trolls. A blog would actually be better, since it can also be monetized. My rants in Facebook was enough for an acquaintance of mine to call his mom to stop me from pointing out my views. Hence, this blog was made. No one may see this but at least I have stated my opinion.